Our Guarantee of Satisfaction . . .
Sacking Grapefruit
Early Spring in the Grove
If you would like to visit our groves we would
be glad to see you. We encourage you to visit
and see our operation, get a fresh sliced piece
of fruit and if you like pick your own citrus. We
are open from Thanksgiving weekend through the
New Year for your convenience. If you can't
stop by please go to the "Order Now" icon to
have your selection shipped to you. Citrus makes
the perfect gift for any occasion!
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Since 1948
We thank you for visiting our Grove Site today, and hope you have
ordered our fresh citrus for your enjoyment or maybe to share
with a friend. We are certain that our TREE RIPENED CITRUS
will exceed your expectations. If for any reason, your are not
completely satisfied, we will replace, without question, the
purchase price, or citrus! The Marshall's say, "If you are happy
with your purchase, tell a friend, if not tell us!" . . .
                                     Marshall Groves