Mr. Marshall Inspecting the Citrus
OUR Citrus . . . .
Marshall Groves has taken pride in growing all natural citrus, much the way the
early growers did back in the early 60's. Our grove is unique in that we have
millions of helpers maintaining our fruit the natural way, without pesticides. Our
grove has the Manatee Tree Snail working daily, cruising our trees and fruit
creating a barrier to keep those pests away! You may find a slight green color on
some of our citrus as we do not use gas, wax, or color to enhance the appearance
of our fruit. We grow, select, pick and wash the fruit you receive, insuring your
satisfaction with our products. Our natural process of growing and maintaining
our grove makes citrus from Marshall Groves . . .
Naturally Delicious.
Citrus From Marshall Groves . . .
Another Fine Crop
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Manatee Tree Snail
Since 1948