At Marshall Groves our friends have visited our
Grove Site in DeLand, Florida and have enjoyed
selecting our choice tree ripened citrus right
off the tree. We have been providing that
service to our friends and neighbors since 1948.
Over the years our customers would follow our
orange hand written signs, drive up into the
grove, smell the sweet fragrance of orange
blossoms and select their citrus for themselves
and as gifts for their friends. Thank you for
stopping by. Today, you can enjoy what
Floridians new and old have enjoyed year after
year . . . "Citrus from Marshall Groves!"
Contact Information
We would like to hear from you, if you have a
minute drop us a line.
Telephone:  (386)738-2187
Fax us your Order: (386)738-7602
Postal address: 945 S. Beresford Road,
DeLand, FL 32720
Grove Stand
Claudia and Richard Marshall, Stewards
Claudia and Richard Marshall
Since 1948
Welcome to Marshall Groves . . .
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